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F5 iControl error: Connection Attempt Failed

Updated May 25, 2017


The following error is displayed when enabling F5 iControl:

Connection Attempt Failed!

F5 iControl is unavailable on the node. Verify the F5 iControl port, the protocol, and the F5 iControl version on the device.


NPM 12.0, 12.0.1, 12.1


  1. Verify that the device is properly configured for iControl.
  2. Contact the vendor if the device supports iControl.

You can perform the following additional checks:

  • If F5 iControl API is unavailable, check if the F5 device supports iControl API. Go to Advanced Connection Settings and check the port under F5 iControl Polling Settings.
  • If the F5 iControl API response is unexpected, check that the F5 device supports iControl API and that it has the version compatible with v11.6.


Additional Troubleshooting:

A customer verified by calling F5 that there were also issues using characters on the F5 password. The customer stated that "@" signed caused issues in polling. If you encounter this error message you can include this troubleshooting step:


1. Have the customer login to the F5 BIG-IP console and change the current password to a simple password

2. Test connection and see if it will resolve the connection issue (Have the customer create a new secured password when issue is resolved)




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11:18, 31 Jul 2017