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Errors when managing a custom property after an upgrade

Updated April 19, 2017


After an NPM upgrade, errors similar to the following occur when managing a custom property or when importing new values:

  • 'Category' is a system property that already exists 
  • Row 1 "Value" from spreadsheet cannot be converted to "Integer Number" format


All NPM versions


These errors are displayed because the custom property name already exists in the list of reserved words in custom property names. These reserved words are used in other areas within Orion and creates a with custom properties. The Manage Custom Properties menu will prevent creating a new custom property that matches any word in the list.  


Existing custom properties that were not reserved until after an Orion upgrade must be migrated to a custom property using a unique name.

  1. Export the data of the conflicted custom property to an MS Excel spreadsheet.
  2. Rename the conflicted custom property in the exported spreadsheet. For example, rename category to category1.
  3. Go to All Settings > Manage Custom Properties, and then create a new custom property using the renamed property.
  4. Import the values from the spreadsheet.
  5. Verify that the custom properties were successfully imported.


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