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Error decoding packet for Syslog RFC 3164 formatting

Created by Eric Bryant, last modified by Richard Casey on Dec 01, 2016

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This article explains a non-common way that some devices send syslog messages adhering to RFC 3164 and how to manipulate Orion Settings table to accept messages.


Syslog viewer may show the following errors when a syslog message is detected:

Error Decoding Packet Decode packet failed, packet missing starting '<'
Original packet is:

PortQry Test Message


All Orion versions


  1. Open up Database Manager application on the Orion server.
  2. Add Default Server.
  3. Right click on database and select 'New Query'.
  4. Enter the following query:
    UPDATE [dbo].[Settings] SET [CurrentValue] = 1 WHERE [SettingID] = 'SysLog-EnableRfcRelay'
  5. See if messages now appear correctly in Syslog viewer.


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