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Error: SolarwindsActiveDiagnostics not found

Updated June 19, 2017


This article addresses the SolarwindsActiveDiagnostics not found error.


All NPM versions


This error can occur due to permission issues. Many applications, including Access databases, like MIBs.cfg, may be configured to temporarily store files in the Windows temp directory. If these temporary files are not deleted when they are no longer needed and the number of these files in the Windows temp directory reaches 64 thousand, the SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor service can no longer write the temp files it requires. When this happens, the SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor service will enter a loop where it tries to create a file that it cannot store anywhere, ultimately consuming up to 100% CPU load.


Delete Temp files and repair permissions:

  1. Delete all files and folders (except the SolarWinds folder) under C:\Windows\Temp.
  2. Grant the servername\<athenticated users> and <network service> full rights to the following folders and all subdirectories:
    • C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Crypto
    • C:\Windows\Temp\SolarWinds
    • C:\ProgramData\SolarWinds
  3. Run C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\OrionPermissionChecker.exe.
  4. Click Check.
  5. After checking, click Repair.
  6. Run the Configuration wizard in repair mode.


Note: During any installation or update of your SolarWinds products, SolarWinds recommends that you log in to your Orion systems with the local administrator account (do not use a domain admin account) to avoid GPOs and any other potential permission issues, or right-click the application and select Unblock, and then install as an administrator.



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22:30, 18 Jun 2017