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Duplicate ESX Hosts appearing after vCenter/ESX upgrade

Created by Tiarnan Stacke, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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There are duplicate ESX Host entries after a vCenter/ESX upgrade. These entries appear in vCenter while others appear as standalone ESX Hosts.


All IVIM versions


The upgrade caused the Hosts to start reporting under new unique identifiers.


  1. Go to the Virtualization tab.
  2. Click the Duplicate ESX Host (The incorrectly reporting Host).
  3. Edit the Node.
  4. Desselect Poll For VmWare.
  5. Submit the changes.
  6. Wait for approximately 15 minutes for the vCenter to poll.
  7. If polling does not resume replace SDF files *(see CUST-15503)
  8. The Node should now be linking up to the correct ESX entry under the vCenter.


Last modified
22:12, 22 Jun 2016



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