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Do not use the same name for a web-based and legacy report in NPM 12.0

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Created by Lori Krell_ret, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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Creating legacy versions of web-based reports sharing the same name can cause issues. If the web console locates a duplicated name for a report in a local file and a web-based report, the console throws a series of errors when displaying the report list.



  • NPM 12.0


When creating a copy of a web-based report, you should create the report as a web-based or legacy with a different name than the original report. The report list checks and displays a list of reports by name. If a legacy and web-based share the exact same name, the web console displays errors.


Always give a legacy report a different name than a web-based report to keep the issue from occurring.




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22:12, 22 Jun 2016