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Displayed data is obsolete message even if interface is active and no polling issue

Created by Allain M Umalin, last modified by Kevin Twomey on Sep 27, 2017

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The Interface Details page displays the message "Displayed data is obsolete. Learn more" even if it is active and there is no polling issue.



NPM 11.5 and up


With NPM 11.5, the yellow box that displays the message "Displayed data is obsolete. Learn more" on the resource is an added feature.

In Orion polling Settings page, one can edit the following Polling Settings:

  • "Interface Data Obsolete. After ... Polls"  - This can enable or disable this feature using the check box.
  • "Interface Data Obsolete. After ... Polls"  - You can edit the Number of missed polls count.
    • Default is 3, if node is flaky or we having issues updating SQL, one could try edit it to10 polls as a test


If the issue, persists after bumping up the number of missed polls count, then there is a method to disable this feature entirely by disabling the Interface Data Obsolete After...Polls feature in Settings > Polling Settings.

  • This is common issue when time zone on the polling server has been changed while the SQL Server machine has not. SolarWinds recommends to have the same time zone on the polling and SQL servers.
  • It may take a couple of minutes or hours for the changes to appear after syncing the time zones as the system polls more information from your interfaces.
  • Another thing to check is to make sure the correct NPM versions are installed across all polling engines.
    • Check the Main Poller, Additional Pollers and Additional Web Servers are all running the same software versions for Orion.
    • NPM Versions might be the same, but also check other modules like SAM or NCM, maybe the CORE Versions are different on some polling engines.


If all the above checks out and still having the problem, another possible solution to the problem is:

  • Deactivate and then reactivate "Interface Data Obsolete"
  • Stop ALL Orion Services
  • Start ALL Orion Services


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