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Display a custom poller label as a variable in an alert email

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Updated May 26, 2017


This article describes how to create an alert action to send an email that includes a variable to display the label used by the universal device poller.


All NPM versions


To include a universal poller label in an alert, the universal device poller must be a custom table poller.

  1. Create a universal device poller and assign a label. For instructions, see Define a custom statistic to monitor.
  1. Create a new alert using the steps in Create custom poller alert.
    1. In Trigger Condition, select Custom Table Poller Current Status.image.png
    2. In Trigger Actions, select Send an Email.
    3. Under Message, select Insert Variable.
    4. On Select Variable to Insert, show variables for Custom Table Poller Current Status, select Row Label, and click Insert Variable.



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