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Delete Unknown or Down Interfaces by Bulk

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Created by Jousseff Jaranilla, last modified by Eric Bryant on Aug 16, 2017

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This article describes how to delete Unknown or Down interfaces by bulk from the Orion Database.


All Orion Core Versions


Important Reminder:

  • Use an account with enough SQL privileges to update the table of your Orion database.
  • Create a back-up of your database in case you need to roll back later.

Using Orion Web GUI:

  • Open Orion Website, navigate to Manage Nodes.
  • Edit this view's from Show: Nodes to Show:Interfaces
  • Edit the Left Hand panes group by = Status.
  • Note: The Gui is using a Node Status, but you will notice the number Interface by status.
  • Here you can mass select interfaces to delete, edit, or use maintenance mode to mute or unmanage. 

Using Database Manager:

  • 1. On your Windows Server, search for Database Manager
  • 2. Click on Add Default Server
  • 3. Right-click on your SolarWindsOrion Database
  • 4. Select New Query
  • 5. Paste this query to VIEW all Interfaces that are currently Unknown or Down:

Select InterfaceID, Status, StatusLED From [dbo].[Interfaces]

Where StatusLED = 'Unknown.gif' OR StatusLED = 'Down.gif'

6. You cannot simply just mass delete interfaces using SQL.

  • Firstly its unsupported method but it should work  as long as your aware of the following.
  • GUI actually moves interfaces being deleted into DeletedInterfaces Table.
  • DB Maintenance then clears up references for that interfaces in many tables at night (2.15am by default)
  • So you need to individually Delete them using the InterfaceIDs to INSERT and DELETE statements.
  • For example, could use this query to DELETE a Interfaces via SQL.

delete from Interfaces where InterfaceID=953

insert into DeletedInterfaces (InterfaceId) values (953)

  • If you wish to mass delete interface, suggest you build a list from the Select SQL Query above.
  • Export the Select results into CSV and use Excel to build queries to mass delete such interfaces.
  • Alternatively one could build a SQL Query to find and mass insert and delete such interfaces.

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