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DB - SQL Move

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Updated March 29th, 2016


SQL - DB Move


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The procedure for migrating an Orion database to another server is straight-forward.

The basic steps are :

  1. Create a full backup of your SQL database on the current SQL server.
  2. Move the backup file(*.bak) to the new SQL server.
  3. Restore the backup file on the new SQL server.


To complete the migration, run the Configuration Wizard on the Orion server:

  1. Click Start -> Programs -> Solarwinds Orion -> Configuration and Auto-Discovery -> Configuration Wizard. Select Database, Services and Website.
  2. When prompted for database, enter the details of the new SQL server and use SQL authentication.
  3. Enter the sa account and password for the new SQL server, click Next. Select Use Existing Database and select the restored database from the drop-down menu. Click Next.
  4. Select Create a New account and enter the details for a new SQL account which the Orion services and Website will use when connecting to the SQL server. The Configuration Wizard will create this SQL account automatically on the SQL server.
  5. Click Next, accepting the defaults for the remainder of the Configuration Wizard.
  6. Once completed, the Orion will be using the restored database on the new SQL server.





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