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Cron jobs filling disk space on some Linux distributions

Updated 8-31-2016


Your Linux server may have filled disks or quickly filled disks due to logged cron jobs. Depending on your system configuration and default logging, you may log every cron job performed. Some Linux distributions, such as CentOS, log all cron jobs, including jobs that ensure the agent service is still up and responding. The log file can become large quickly. To resolve, if your distribution logs all cron jobs, ensure that you use a tool such as logrotate to keep your log files to a manageable size.


  • Orion Platform 2016.2
  • Orion agent
  • Linux-based computer
  • cron logs



Some Linux distributions log all cron jobs quickly filling disk space. Without a log rotation or management tool, the disk will become full over time.



Install and use a log management tool like logrotate. These tools manage the logs and disk space availability.



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