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Create custom table report

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Updated October 19, 2016


Steps to create a report that displays a custom table with preferred columns.


  • NPM version 11.5 or later
  • SAM version 6.2 or later
  • Orion Core Platform 2015+


1. Log in to the Web Console with an Account with Report Management Privileges.

2. Click Settings > All Settings > Manage Reports (under "Alerts & Reports").

3. Select Create a New Report.

4. Select between Custom Table and Custom Chart.

In this example, select Custom Table.




5. Select the target nodes to include in your report.  You can adjust the Query to match your own needs.

For this example, one lab is selected.



6. Click Add to Layout.
7. On the next page, add the Columns to build the report and produce the information required. 
8. Click Add Column at the bottom of the resource when done selecting columns.


You can add and select columns which meet your needs by searching or browsing through the various categories available in on our Web Based Reporting Tool.




 10 .Click Preview and confirm everything.

You can now configure this report to run on a schedule and we have a tutorial on how to configure this available for you here: Schedule a Report 

We also have a Report training video available here: Orion Report Tutorials






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