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Create an alert when BGP route goes down or is missing

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Created by Jane Baylon, last modified by Jane Baylon on Aug 26, 2016

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Interface status and protocol status are being polled differently. Interface status are polled every two minutes, while routing protocols (and other statistics) are polled every 10 minutes by default.

Since the protocol you are stating is a BGP route, you will need to create a specific alert for this routing protocol.


These are the status for the BGP protocol:
Idle is 2
Connect is 2
Active is 2
OpenSent is 2
OpenConfirm is 2
Established is 1


NPM 11.5.x


1. Open Web Console and create a new alert.

2. From the Trigger Conditions tab, follow the screenshot below:


The above trigger condition will only monitor BGP status and will fire an alert if the BGP state is not established or has been removed/missing.


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