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Create an alert on the volume percentage used in NPM

Created by Ezgi Muderrisoglu, last modified by Jeremy Holmes on Aug 16, 2017

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This article shows an example of what conditions can be put in for volume percentage used between 80% - 90 % in an alert.


NPM version 11.5 and later


Use the following conditions to create the alert:

  • Node name contains .....XXXX       -  If you want to specify the volumes via names.


  • Node Vendor Equals .....XXXX       - If you want to alert on a group of devices by vendor.


  • Volume Percent Used Is Greater than or Equal to 80 %


  • Volume Percent Used is Less than or Equal to 91%


  • Move onto the Alert Action, for example, Email.

If you want the alert to include cases when the volume percent usage is, set the Volume Percent Used is less than or equal to 91%

Alert on fixed disk volumes in NPM 11.5 using web alerts

  1. Under the Trigger Condition tab in the alert configuration, go to 'I want to alert on:' and select 'Volume' in the drop down.
  2. Go to 'The scope of alert:', select the 'Only following set of objects' option, and create the following logic to narrow volumes down to the 'Fixed Disk'.
    1. Select the second drop down, go to Browse All Fields and select Volume Type.
    2. Keep the third drop down as 'Starts With'.
    3. Type Fixed into the last field.
  3. Go to "The actual trigger condition:'.
    1. In the second drop down, select 'Browse All Fields', and choose Percent used.
    2. For the third drop-down, choose 'is greater than or equal to'.
    3. In the last field, enter a number that specifies the percentage, for example 85%.
  4. Complete the Add New Alert wizard.

When setting up an Alert on Linux Volumes, /var/logs = Caption

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07:27, 16 Aug 2017