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Create an alert for MPLS bandwidth utilization

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Created by Alexander Aguilar, last modified by Alexander Aguilar on Feb 01, 2017

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This article describes how to create an alert for MPLS bandwidth utilization.


NPM 11.5.2 and above


  1. On the Orion Web Console, go to Settings > Manage Alerts.
  2. Click Add New Alert.
  3. On the Alert Properties page, set the following:
    • Name of alert definition: Bandwidth utilization alert
    • Evaluate the trigger condition every: 1 minute
    • Severity of alert: Warning
  4. On the Trigger Condition page, set the following:
    • I want to alert on: Interface
    • The scope of alert: All objects in my environment
    • Trigger alert when: All child conditions must be satisfied (AND)
      • Interface - Interface Type Description - contains - MPLS
      • Interface - Total Average percent Utilization - is greater than or equal to - 80
  5. On the Reset Condition page, select Reset this alert when trigger condition is no longer true (Recommended).
  6. On the Time of Day page, select Alert is always enabled, no schedule needed.
  7. ​On the Trigger Actions page, set the following:
    • Message displayed when this alert is triggered: Bandwidth utilization alert
    • Escalation Level 1: Action Title
      • NetPerfMon Event Log : Bandwidth utilization alert
      • Send an Email/Page (Bandwidth utilixzation alert)
        Note: There are no required settings on the Reset Actions page.
  8. Click Submit.



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06:05, 1 Feb 2017