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Create a Trap Rule

Created by Chris Klinedinst, last modified by Caroline Juszczak on Apr 04, 2017

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Solarwinds Trap Service has a fully featured Rules and Alerts engine for processing Trap Messages


The Trap Viewer application is used to manage Trap Rules:



Here is a list of the available filters:


  • General
    Filter on IP Addresses
  • DNS Hostname
    Filter on DNS Hostname using RegEx
  • Trap Details
    Filter on Trap Type using RegEx
  • Community String
    Filter on SNMP Community String using RegEx
  • Conditions
    Filter on SNMP OID using Boolean operators
  • Time of Day
    Filter on Time of Day
  • Trigger Thresholds
    Allows you to set suppression rules
  • Alert Actions
    This tab allows you to set a action for this rule. The actions are executed in the listed order



Here are a few examples of common Trap Rules:


  • Discard unneeded Messages
  • Write a event when a VPN connection Drops
  • Send a email when someone logs into a Router/Firewall
  • Send a email when a BGP connection drops


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16:00, 4 Apr 2017