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Create a Certificate Signing Request

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To use a Certificate Authority (CA) certificate for the Orion Web Console, create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR).

CSR or Certificate Signing request is a block of encrypted text that is generated on the server that the certificate will be used on. It contains information that will be included in your certificate, such as your organization name, common name (domain name), locality, and country.


All NPM versions



  1. Open IIS Manager on your server.
  2. Select Server name > Server Certificates > (Under Actions) Create Certificate Request.
  3. Fill out the information and prompts.
  4. Complete the form by entering all of the relevant fields and company details

  5. The Common name should be the website address
  6. Organization and the Organizational unit would be your company name and the division
  7. Leave the Cryptographic service provider as default and bit length can be adjusted to suit requirements
  8. Give your request an appropriate file name and location.
  9. When making the application to the Certificate authority you should include the entire CSR saved



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