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Constant nag banners "UDT Remote Event Log Jobs failed (2)."

Created by Kevin Twomey, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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The following errors appear after migrating to a new Orion server:

Constant nag banners "UDT Remote Event Log Jobs failed (2)."


  • NPM 10.7
  • SAM 6.1.1
  • UDT 3.0.2
  • NTA 4.0
  • NCM 7.3


  • UDT was not installed on the main server.
  • NPM does not have UDT installed any more.
  • Additional Pollers still have 7 Pollers with UDT installed.
  • Need to uninstall UDT off these.
  • Also disabled UDT Events and BL in shortterm.
  • OrionModulesGlobal Table (Diags) showed APE still had UDT installed.
  • EngineID Name Version
    5 UDT 3.0.2199.2
    7 UDT 3.0.2199.2
    8 UDT 3.0.2199.2
    9 UDT 3.0.2199.2
    10 UDT 3.0.2199.2
    11 UDT 3.0.2199.2


Install UDT on the main server.

Note: See also UDT Remote Event Log Jobs failed if you are keeping UDT installed.


Remove UDT from the Additional Pollers using Add/Remove Programs.


Last modified
21:57, 22 Jun 2016