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Configuration wizard stuck at importing sample maps when IPAM is installed

Updated May 6, 2017


This article describes the issue when the Configuration Wizard gets stuck at importing sample maps during an IPAM upgrade.


Upgrade of any IPAM version.


The issue can have the following causes:

  • During the upgrade, IPAM failed to uninstall the earlier version of IPAM because you used a domain account instead of a local server administrator account. We have seen this mainly after upgrade to IPAM 4.5.0.

    SolarWinds recommends using a local server administrator account because the domain account might not have all the permissions for a successful installation.



  • When an IPAM hotfix was being implemented, an incorrect schema file IPAM.core.orig.xml was left in the Schemas directory. SWIS cannot start up correctly because SWIS loads all files *.XML from c:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\Information Service\3.0\Schemas\


IPAM not uninstalled due to lack of permissions

To resolve the issue when IPAM failed to uninstall the previous version because of insufficient account permissions, try the following workarounds:

Uninstall IPAM and re-install the new version

  1. Go to Add / Remove (Programs  & Features), and uninstall both versions of IPAM.

  2. Re-install the newer version.

Uninstall IPAM and clean up the Windows registry

  1. Uninstall IPAM.

  2. Go to the Windows registry > HKLM > Software > Wow6432Node > Solarwinds.Net > ConfigurationWizard > ConfiguredModules
  3.  Delete All EXCEPT the Default String.
  4. Remove the IPAM folder from the following locations:
    • Volume:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion
    • Volume:\Inetpub\Solarwinds\Orion
  5. Re-install IPAM and run the Configuration wizard:
    1. Reinstall IPAM v4.5.1 > Run Configuration wizard
    2. Configuration Wizard > Re-Install IPAM 4.5.1 > Configuration wizard

Incorrect schema file

To resolve an issue with the schema file in the directory

  1. On the IPAM server, go to c:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\Information Service\3.0\Schemas\
  2. Cut the file IPAM.core.orig.xml to the desktop.
  3. Re-run the Configuration wizard. 

    The issue can also be caused by other modules, so there can be other bad schemas in this directory causing the same issue with importing sample maps.


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