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Columns matching when importing custom properties

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When importing custom property values from an external spreadsheet, the Custom Property Editor will attempt to logically match column labesl in the spredasheet to corresponding database columns. On the Match Columns view, columns that are read from the spreadsheet to be imported are listed on the right. For each spreadsheet column, select whether the object data should Match with the corresponding object data in the Orion database or Import to the Orion database as corresponding object data.


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For example, a spreadsheet that is a simple list of named nodes with corresponding IP addresses and physical locations would look similar to the following:

Name IP Address City State
Node_1 Austin Texas
Node_2 Austin Texas
Node_3 Austin Texas

On import, the Custom Property Editor would list the following as Spreadsheet Columns:

  • Name
  • IP Address
  • City
  • State

Typically, you will want to match your imported nodes by name and IP address have the rest of the data imported into your SolarWinds database. In this case:

Spreadsheet Column Relationship Orion Database Column
Name matches Caption
IP Address matches IP_Address
City imports to City
State imports to State

Click Import, and the location data (City and State) for each corresponding node, identified by name and IP address, are imported from the spreadsheet into the Orion database.

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