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Change the SMTP server name in NPM

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Created by Ezgi Muderrisoglu, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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This article provides information on how to change the SMTP server name using the Advanced Rules option without going through the properties of each rule.


NPM v11.5.2 and earlier versions


There are three different ways to change the SMTP server name:

  1. Change the SMTP server information in each of the alerts.
  2. Change the information as explained in the SMTP Configuration and Email Settings for Scheduled Reports and Alerts article.
    Setup the default SMTP server and then within the alerts, make sure that the use default SMTP server option is selected. However, this needs to be done for all of the other alerts.
    Note: You need to provide one recipient and one sender when doing this as this is mandatory.
  3. The third way is a workaround - changing the SMTP server directly from the database by SQL query. Notes:
    • Please be aware that this is not a supported way and you should only perform this at your own risk. 
    • Backup your database before making any changes.
    • Follow steps below:
      • Stop all Orion services.
      • Start SQL Server Management Studio
      • Run the following query to apply change:
        declare @oldServerName As Varchar(255)
        declare @newServerName As Varchar(255)
        set @oldServerName = 'OLD_SERVER_NAME'
        set @newServerName = 'NEW_SERVER_NAME'
        update [dbo].[ActionDefinitions]
        set [Target] = REPLACE(CAST( [Target] AS VARCHAR(MAX)),'SMTPSERVER:'+@oldServerName,'SMTPSERVER:'+@newServerName)
        WHERE Target like '%SMTPSERVER:%'


        Replace OLD_SERVER_NAME with the hostname or IP address of your old SMTP server

        Replace NEW_SERVER_NAME with the host name or IP address of your new SMTP server

      • Run the following query to verify change.
        select * from [ActionDefinitions]
      • Start all Orion services.
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21:52, 22 Jun 2016