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Change the IP address of a poller

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Created by Jethro Valenzuela, last modified by John.Orteza on Nov 04, 2016

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This procedure describes how you can change the IP address of your existing poller.


  • All versions of NPM
  • Any additional poller


To  Change the IP address of the poller:

  1. Shutdown all services using Orion services manager in the poller.
  2. Open the Orion Database Manager.
  3. Click Add Default server and expand SolarWinds Database.
  4. Select the AllEngines Table. (select "Engines" Table if you have NPM 12.0 onwards)
  5. Click on Execute query button.
  6. Enable table Editing and choose the IP address to make changes.
  7. Disable Table editing.
  8. Start All Services.
  9. Run Orion Configuration Wizard on the poller
    1. Choose to run for website, database and services

Note: If the environment has a binding order in place with multiple NICS, whichever is the top of the order will be the one SolarWinds will accept. Make sure that you are choosing the IP address corresponding to the top NIC.


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