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Change Web-MaxEvents default settings

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Created by Ian Rossiter, last modified by Flavio Porfirio Correia on Oct 04, 2016

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This article describes how to change the Maximum Events to be displayed on the web-console when the user is set to 250 (Default), which means that the last 250 events will only be shown in your web-console. You can change this value to a maximum of up to 10.000 or a minimum of 100.


NPM all versions


Note: Back up your database before performing the procedure below.

  1. Go to the Orion server.
  2. Go to Start All Programs> Solarwinds Orion Advanced Features.
  3. Open database manager.
  4. Add Default Server and expand your database.
  5. Go to Settings table and execute the following query (Replace the value 'youruser' to the desired user):

SELECT * FROM [dbo].[WebUserSettings]  WHERE Accountid = 'youruser' and SettingName = 'Web-EventMaxMsgPerPage'

   6. Take note of the SettingValue.

   7. Execute the query below specifying the user and the value desired:

UPDATE [dbo].[WebUserSettings] set SettingValue = 50 WHERE Accountid = 'youruser'  and SettingName = 'Web-EventMaxMsgPerPage'


   8. Exit database manager

   9. Go to your Web Console and refresh.


Last modified
08:58, 4 Oct 2016