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Cannot install MS SQL Server 2014 Express

Updated Sept 14, 2016


During an evaluation install, the installation stops while installing MS SQL Server 2014 Express.


Full evaluations with MS SQL Server 2014 Express on the following:

  • Orion Platform 2016.1
  • NPM 12.0
  • SAM 6.2.4



The is either because the computer needs to be restarted or because .NET 3.5 is missing. We no longer include .NET 3.5 with our installers, but MS SQL Server 2014 Express requires it.



  1. Ensure that Windows Update does not require your computer to restart.
  2. Install .NET 3.5 manually. You can add it as a feature through the Server Manager. View this MS KB if you encounter problems with installing .NET 3.5.
  3. Run the SolarWinds installer again.





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18:39, 30 Jan 2017