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Availability statistics show 100% when graph shows an outage

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Updated March 13, 2017


There are cases where a device's graph will show an outage but the availability shows 100% and also 100% during the last week. You may think that this should show less than 100% being an outage. However, there are other things that need to be checked.





NPM 12


In this case, the node in question was part of a dependency. In the events table, there was a node in the same dependency that also went down at the same. This meant that the node in question was not marked as 'down', but as 'unreachable'. Because the node is marked as 'unreachable', it does not count as an actual outage and the result is that you see a gap in data in the chart. However, the node was not actually 'down' so it's availability is still marked at 100%.

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18:25, 12 Mar 2017