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Audits Events missing from in Last xx Audit Events on Node Details

Updated 22nd August 2017


Not all Audit Events are displayed in the Last XX Audit Events widget or resource. When you go to the Message Center, you can see the most current events as opposed to old events in the Last XX Audit Events widget.


  • NPM versions with the Orion Report Writer

The Orion Report Writer tool is being deprecated. 


Events or Audits widgets can be placed in different views.

  • If placed on the Summary page, the widgets display all messages.
  • If on a Node Details page, only events relevant for the node are displayed. By design, messages concerning anything other than the node, such as Interface or Volume events, are filtered out.


This behavior is by design.

To display all events on a Node Details view, use custom SQL code.

  1. Create an Advanced SQL Report in Report Writer.
    1. Run the Orion Report Writer on your Orion server.
    2. Click New, and select Advanced SQL. 
    3. On the SQL tab, paste the following SQL code.
      SELECT TOP 50 
      auditEventID as AuditID, 
      TimeLoggedUTC as DateTime, 
      AccountID as UserID, 
      AuditEventMessage as Action,
      NetworkNode as Node, 
      NetObjectID as ID,
      NetObjectType as Type
      FROM [dbo].[AuditingEvents]
      order by TimeLoggedUTC desc

    4. Provide the name and details for the report and click Save.
  2. In the Orion Web Console, go to the Node Details view, and add a custom widget to the view.
    The resource to add is "Report from Orion Report Writer".
  3. Click Select the report and choose the report to be displayed in the widget.
  4. The messages for all events show on a Node Details view.
    MT_CreateRWreport on the Web.png


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