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All additional pollers MSMQ queues filling up

Updated October 10, 2016


You may notice that the SolarWinds MSMQ folder is growing on all additional pollers and none of the devices managed by these pollers are writing data back to the SQL server and graphs are not being updated for devices polled by these additional poller(s).


NPM 10.7


This is likely because the SQL server had been down for sometime for either patching/maintenance activities while the polling service was not shutdown, which resulted in backlog of polling jobs which were due to be written to the Orion DB. The MSMQ job updates was causing sessions to clash and deadlock each other on the SQL DB.

If you check the Orion DB, you could see a lot of suspended sessions.


To recover/resolve this shutdown all of the Solarwinds poller(s) and clear the MSMQ as queues and then restart the Orion Services on all pollers.


Last modified
17:26, 9 Oct 2016