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Alerts are not working after poller migration

Created by William Muhle, last modified by Aileen de Lara_ret on Oct 04, 2016

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Resolution to the issue when alerts stop working after migrating the polling engines.  


Any NPM/Orion install that was upgraded from a pre 11.5 install at some point in time


If you had basic alerts set up prior to 11.5, your alerts were migrated into the new alerting based upon polling engines. The old basic alerts were tied to the pollers. And when you migrated the polling engine, the alerts did not migrate with it. Thus, they are still trying to alert only on the polling engine ID that they were originally tied to.


  1. Find the alert that is not firing off.
  2. Check the Trigger Condition tab.
  3. Look under the Scope of alert and see if you see something akin to the following:


  4. Either set the Polling Engine to the new poller, or put a tick mark in the radial button for All Objects In My                Environment.


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