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Home > Success Center > Network Performance Monitor (NPM) > Alert test execution is successful but email is not sent

Alert test execution is successful but email is not sent

Created by Leif Amland, last modified by Magdalena.Markova on Jul 31, 2018

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When editing or creating an alert, the alert passes the test. If the email alert notification fails, verify that the sender email address is specified correctly.


NPM v11.5.2


The sender details are incorrect. In this example, the incorrect email address ( is causing the issue. Another cause could be due to the SMTP server filtering the email address as spam because of its format.



  1. Go to the Orion Web Console and navigate to Home > Alerts > Manage Alerts.
  2. Select the alert that is failing to send the notification and click Edit Alert.
  3. Go to Trigger Actions > Sender Details and expand the option by clicking +.
  4. In the Reply Address field, verify that the email address is in the correct format:

If this issue still occurs, you can see more information about the issue in the Core.BusinessLayer.log at c:\ProgramData\SolarWinds\Logs\Orion\


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