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Alert on node when ICMP is OK, but SNMP/WMI is DOWN

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Created by Andy Ng, last modified by Rodim Suarez on Mar 10, 2017

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When SNMP/WMI polling stops (when Node is on ICMP/SNMP or ICMP/WMI polling), it generally does not send a notification. The symptom you will notice is that the statistics on the Nodes e.g. CPU, Memory, etc. stop populating. If there are interfaces monitored, they will become unknown. But in some cases, there might not be interfaces available.


NPM 11.5


Use the following query:


SELECT Nodes.NodeID, Nodes.Caption FROM Nodes WHERE DATEDIFF(s, Nodes.LastSystemUpTimePollUtc,GETUTCDATE())>300 and status =1



  • SNMP/WMI polling will populate LastSystemUpTimePollUtc with the last System Up Time each poll.
  • If the time difference (in UTC) is greater than 300s (5 mins), and the Node Status is UP, it will trigger.

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