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Alert different users for different drives

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Created by Chris Foley, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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This article explains how to configure Alerts if you need to notify one team regarding volume usage on C: drives and a different team regarding volume usage on D: drives. Instructions can be changed to meet different but similar needs.


  • All versions of Orion products
  • All versions of Windows


1. Go to Settings > Manage Alerts > find the following Alert:
    - Alert me when the free space of a volume is less than 5%

2. Select it and click Duplicate & Edit.

3. Change its name to the following:
    - Alert me when the free space D: is less than 5%

4. Click Next.

5. Add the following Condition to the Trigger Conditions:
- Volume Caption contains D:

6. Click Next until you get to the Trigger Actions tab.

7. Edit the Email action and replace the Email To address to the email address of the recipients that are in charge of the D drives.

8. Click next and make the same modifications to the Reset Action Email.

9. Click Next and Submit.

10. Edit the original Volume alert and repeat steps 4-10 for the C drive and its team.


Last modified
21:43, 22 Jun 2016