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Alert email shows the variable instead of the variable information

Updated March 11th, 2016


This article provides brief information and steps to resolve the issue when alert emails show a variable instead of the information the variable is intended to reflect.


NPM version 11.5.2


The issue is caused when you upgrade from a previous version. Some variables on the previous versions are no longer used in the new version and are replaced by the new variable. 


  1. Search for the alert that triggered the alert email.
  2. Edit the alert and go to the Trigger Action tab.
  3. Edit the Send email action.
  4. Expand the Message section to see the structure of the message email.
  5. Search the variable with issue. For example, $(IP address).
  6. Click Insert variable.
  7. Search for  the variable that provides the same information. For example, search for the word IP to show all variables with IP on its variable name.

    For node IP address variable, $(IP address), the new variable is ${N=SwisEntity;M=IP_Address}. The name of the variable is IP_Address (node).

  8. Replace the old variable with the new variable and Save your changes. 
  9. Simulate the alert action to verify that the new variable is now reflecting the correct information.

    The Insert variable list only contains the new variables.




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