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Adjust the PDF report width

Updated May 26, 2017


This article describes the issue where an exported or generated PDF report, which is sent via email as part of a scheduled report, displays a narrower page.


NPM 12.x


The following are steps to adjust the report width so the printed output is the full size of the PDF page:

  1. Go to the Orion Web Console.
  2. Click Reports > All Reports.
  3. Click Manage Reports, and then select the report to be edited.
  4. Click Edit Report.
  5. Click the Layout Builder tab, and then click the Fit to window width link next to the Report Width field.                       
  6. Click Next until the Summary page opens, and then click Submit.
  7. In the Report Manager window, select the report, and then click View Report.
  8. Click Export to PDF when the report loads. 

Note: If the report does not have your required width, edit the report again and adjust the width accordingly.



Last modified
23:52, 25 May 2017