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Home > Success Center > Network Performance Monitor (NPM) > Added chart resource type says 'Data is not available' in the Node Details view

Added chart resource type says 'Data is not available' in the Node Details view


The following message is received in the Node Details view for added chart resource type:

Data not available

This message is seen for the following resources:

  • Top CPUs by PercentLoad
  • Virtual Machine Memory Consumption
  • Virtual Machine Network Traffic
  • Virtual Machine CPU Consumption


NPM 11.5.2


This is a known issue in NPM for this release. Orion NPM now disabled standard polling by design in NPM 11.5.x. NPM is made up of Core, NPM and various plugins and modules. VIM is one of those.

  • The resources with issue are NPM with a Filter for Machine TYPE = VMWare.
  • Due to design change, it keeps removing the NPM Polling of VMWare elements for CPU and Memory from an NPM Perspective.
  • ESX CPU and Memory Polling should still be working.


1.  Data Type chosen can't be charted from the UnDP

2. Keep Historical Data hasn't been enabled

3. Device doesn't Support the OID


The workaround is to:

  1. Remove the two NPM Resources from the VIM Summary Page. 
  2. Replace those resources with VIM Resources for VM CU and Memory as shown below.
  3. Edit the VIM Summary View and add in VIM Resources.

Check the built in VIM Resources:

  1. Go to VIM Summary View > Customize the page.
  2. Click the PLUS Button on any column to add more resources.
  3. Click GROUP by Feature.
  4. Select Virtualzation.
  5. Click Sort by Category (to see VIM Summary Resources).

Examples Include:

  • Top XX VMs by (Overallocated\Underallocated Memory & CPU) 9vMan Required)
  • Top XX Hosts by CPU
  • Top XX Hosts by Memory
  • and more

For example, it will be using VIM Resources and not NPM:





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