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Add custom properties in Custom HTML resource for Node Details and Interface Details views

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Updated November 7, 2016


This explains how you can add custom properties in the Custom HTML resource for Node Details & Interface Details views.


NPM 12



  1. Go to Settings > Manage Custom Properties > Add Custom Property.
  2. This will be a custom property for the Node Details view so we select Nodes. If this was for the Interface Details page, then we would select Interfaces and the process would be the same as the next steps below.
  3. Provide a property name.
  4. Assign a node for this custom property.
  5. Assign a value for this custom property.
  6. To validate and to make sure this is assigned to the node, go back to Manage Custom Properties and select the box for the custom property that was created and then select View/Edit Values.
  7. You will see the column for the new property that was created with the value you added. If you did not assign a property, you can click in the field and add the property that way as well. 
  8. Add the resource to the Node Details view by clicking on the Customize Page link.
  9. Search for Custom HTML check the box and click Submit.
  10. Find the resource on the view and then click the Edit link.
  11. The tag that is important to add custom properties is ${city2}.
  12. The end result will look like this on the Node Details page.





Last modified
17:02, 6 Nov 2016