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Add MIBs to the SolarWinds MIB database

Updated: March 30, 2017


SolarWinds maintains a MIB database that serves as a repository for the OIDs used to monitor a wide variety of network devices. The MIB database is compiled once a week. You are notified when the new MIB database is available.

This article discusses what to do if you want to add a device MIB to the Orion MIB database.


  • All NPM versions
  • All Engineer's Toolset versions


MIB and OID Gotcha's

  • Adding MIBs to Orion does not change the way Orion polls devices.
  • Adding MIBs to Orion does not change a device that has an Unknown machine type.
  • Adding MIBs to Orion allows Orion to display trap messages from the device.
  • Adding MIBs to Orion allows you to search for OIDs in the Universal Device Poller.
  • If you know the OID, you can create a UnDP poller for the device without the OID being in the MIB database. See Monitoring MIBs with Universal Device Pollers.

Update your Orion environment to the latest MIB Database

  1. Log in to the SolarWinds Customer Portal.
  2. Click Downloads > Orion MIB Database. 
    The latest MIB database starts downloading. 
  3. Open the downloads folder, extract the archive and copy the MIBs.cfg file to the SolarWinds folder on your default install volume. See Update the SolarWinds MIB database for more details.

The MIB database is updated. If your MIB does not show up, contact SolarWinds Support.

Last modified
13:07, 3 Jul 2017