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Activate stackable poller licenses

Created by Jellouie Maligalig, last modified by Magdalena.Markova on Dec 05, 2016

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This article discusses the activation of Additional Polling Engines (APE)  in a stacked poller installation. 

See Orion product installers for information about installing APES.


All versions of Orion products


Stacking licenses means that you assign more than one license to the same server to extend the monitoring capacity of your Orion Platform product.

The steps depend on the version of Orion Platform your SolarWinds product uses:

Orion Platform 2016.2 and later

Just install a polling engine, add additional polling licenses to the web-based License Manager in the Orion Web Console, and assign the licenses to the APE where you want to stack them.

The maximum number of licenses you can apply to a single server depends on the Orion Platform product. For NPM, you can apply up to 4 polling engine licenses to a single server:

  • 1 Main polling engine license + 3 APE licenses
  • 4 APE licenses 
  1. In the Orion Web Console, click Settings > All Settings > License Manager.
  2. Click Add/Upgrade License, enter the activation key and registration details, and click Activate.

    The activated license will appear in the License Manager.

  3. In the License Manager, select the license to assign, and click Assign.
  4. Select a polling engine and click Assign.

    The license will now be used by the selected polling engine. 

Orion Platform 2016.1 and earlier

To find out the maximum number of APE licenses that you can stack on a single server, consult the Scalability Guidelines for your product. For NPM, you may stack a maximum of 2 additional poller licenses per server for a total of 3 logical polling engines per server.  


Install Main Orion Server + Stackable Polling Engines

  • Use the Full Installer to install main polling engine.
  • Use Smart Bundle to install stackable polling engine(s). The license will be initiated on the first screen. The software does not need to be installed once the license is applied.  

Install Additional Polling Engine + Stackable Polling Engines

When you want to stack licenses to an APE, you can either use the Smart Bundle, or the stand-alone License Manager. SolarWinds recommends using the Smart Bundle because it includes checks that ensure you are using the correct version of the APE, and does not allow you to apply more that the maximum number of licenses allowed per server.

Smart Bundle

  • Use Smart Bundle to install the APE. This will install bits for all needed modules/products (unless something is not included by Smart Bundle). 
  • Use Smart Bundle to install stackable polling engine(s). The license will be asked on the first screen.


Activate a stackable polling engine license with the License Manager

With the License Manager, you are able to activate any number of stackable licenses. If you activate more licenses, they will be listed in the License Manager, but only the maximum allowed number (3 logical polling engines per server) will actually be used.

Use the stand-alone Windows License Manager to add stackable Pollers to existing APE (could be installed by previous Smart Bundle or regular APE installer):

  1. Click Upgrade next to the Orion Additional Polling Engine Licensed Product.  
  2. Enter the Activation Key for the APE, and complete the wizard.

    You can see a new Licensed Product listed as Orion Additional Polling Engine.  


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