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Access Denied error during Linux Agent to Debian deployment

Updated May 24, 2017


An Access Denied error is displayed when attempting to deploy a Linux Agent to a Debian distribution server. This issue occurs even if the same credentials have root level access and are able to successfully establish an SSH connection to the Orion server using a tool such as PuTTY.


  • NPM 12.0.1 and later
  • SAM 6.3 and later


The agent is attempting to deploy on an unsupported operating system. While the Debian OS is not strictly tested and supported, it is derived from the same base as the Ubuntu OS so the agent should function provided that all the prerequisites are met.

The Debian OS versions supported are lined up with specific Ubuntu OS versions as their base.

Orion Platform currently supports Ubuntu 14, 15, and 16 OS versions. The following table shows which Debian OS version matches the Ubuntu OS versions.

Green = Supported by Agent on respective Ubuntu Distribution

Ubuntu version number Ubuntu version name Debian version number Debian version
16.10 Yakkety 9.0 Stretch
16.04 Xenial 9.0 Stretch
15.10 Wily 8.0 Jessie
15.04 Vivid 8.0 Jessie
14.10 Utopic 8.0 Jessie
14.04 Trusty 8.0 Jessie
13.10 Saucy 7.0 Wheezy
13.04 Raring


12.10 Quantal 7.0 Wheezy
12.04 Precise


11.10 Oneiric


11.04 Natty 6.0 Squeeze
10.10 Maverick 6.0 Squeeze
10.04 Lucid 6.0 Squeeze




Last modified
09:48, 26 May 2017