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APC UPS custom poller setup

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Created by Deney De Guzman, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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This article provides information on customer that would like to see more UPS information on APC brand. This will provide information like Run Time Battery, Input Voltage, Output Voltage, Output Current and Etc.


All NPM versions

UPS American power supply


Go to this link:


  1. Go to that link and download the APC SmartUPS.UnDP file (15.4kb).
  2. Transfer that file to your Solarwinds Sever.
  3. Start >> All programs >> Solarwinds Orion >> Network Performance Monitor >> Universal Device Poller.
  4. Click File and Import Universal Device Pollers.
  5. Click Open and browse the file – APC SmartUPS.UnDp.
  6. Select the Smart UPS and Click Import >> hit OK.
  7. Now on that Main screens of UNDP >> On All Defined Pollers your will see a new Folder SMART UPS.
  8. Expand the folder and you will see Multiple information.
  9. Select one and right click and hit Assign >> expand the All nodes and expand your ACP UPS nodes >> Select all APC UPS nodes >> hit TEST >> unselect all nodes that are not compatible and hit finish.
  10. Right Click again the same information (Custom Poller) and hit Web Display >> Choose the location you want to put this information – default is Node Summary Details >> just choose chart or Gauge or Table (whatever is available).
  11. Wait for 10 minutes and access Orion web console and go to the Details Page for the said UPS >> Look on the bottom left >> that should show the information for the selected custom poller you have assigned.
  12. Repeat it to the other information you want to put for APC UPS.


See also for a list of OIDs and their description



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21:46, 22 Jun 2016