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AD Group login SID error issue

Updated August 25th, 2016


The following error appears when trying to login using an AD Group account:

ERROR SolarWinds.Orion.Web.AuthorizationManager - Get Auth Groups of bepike in TMK. System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement.PrincipalOperationException: An error (1301) occurred while enumerating the groups.  The group's SID could not be resolved.


  • Orion 10.7 and later


SID duplication or mismatch from AD to the Accounts table.


  1. Login to Web Console as an admin user.
  2. Click Settings > Manager Accounts.
  3. Remove the Individual User Accounts and Group AD account that the user is part of.
  4. Recreate the Group AD account.
  5. User should now be able to login. 


If user is still unable to login make sure the AD group is a Security Group as we do not support Distribution Groups.

Turning up the website logging through the Log Adjuster application to "All" will allow you to see what groups the user has access to.



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