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Unable to back up a appliance

Created by Malik Haider, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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Unable to back up a v8.1 appliance. 


  • NCM (all versions)


  • Unable to find required template for Linux based appliances.
  • Unable to backup binary files.


If you need to back up your v8.1 appliance, see the following thwack post, which may provide the solution. You can use an SSH connection to access the appliance.

The NCM should start using the following command with SSH:

lbcli --action support-download

When completed, copy the files from  /var/www/html/tmp/ to the backup location (such as cattools), as shown below.


Last login: Wed Jan 27 19:10:29 2016 from
[root@nlhqvlb001 ~]# lbcli --action support-download

CLI: generate support archive completed.
The archive can be found in: /var/www/html/tmp/
[root@nlhqvlb001 ~]# ls /var/www/html/tmp/
master_2016-01-27_19_10_39+0100.tar.bz2-20160129.gz  master_2016-04-06_09_47_46+0200.tar.bz2
[root@nlhqvlb001 ~]#

​Official support

Currently, there is no official support for backing up binary files within NCM. You can try using Template Builder to create your own template or see the following thwack postings for assistance. 


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