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Templates - Config Change Templates

Created by Seamus.Enright, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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Config Change Templates

As you probably know, Config Change Templates (CCT) are a very powerful feature of the Network Configuration Manager
On top of the Execute Script functionality, they add flow control statements such as conditions and loops. 





  • The execution of Config Change Templates can be scheduled.

See NCM Web Console for More, Built in and Custom Config Change templates from Thwack.

Listed below are config change templates, which are powerful, configurable scripts. Config change templates allow for conditional logic(if/then/else), 
control flow(for each interface, do this), string and value comparison, data access from the NCM database like node and See examples of config change templates: >>image2013-8-28 15-44-3.png




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21:31, 22 Jun 2016