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Home > Success Center > Network Configuration Manager (NCM) > Some jobs remain in Running state after an NCM upgrade

Some jobs remain in Running state after an NCM upgrade

Updated March 20, 2018


After upgrading NCM to a newer version or applying a Hot Fix, you might see that jobs remain in a running state, and have been for a long time.


  • NCM, all supported versions


Often times, this is caused because the upgrade was started while a job is in a running state already, or a job is scheduled to start during an upgrade. Because Orion services may start and stop several times over multiple Polling Engines, a job might be interrupted and become corrupt, getting stuck in the state it was in at the time.


To prevent this issue:

  1. Prior to upgrading, ensure all jobs are stopped.
  2. If jobs are scheduled to start during the timeframe that the upgrade might be running, disable the job, then re-enable it after the upgrade is complete.


For Jobs that are stuck in a running state due to this circumstance, stop the job. Then start it so it will run again.


If the job will not stop:

  1. Refresh the page, check the box, then disable the job. 
  2. Once the job is disabled, refresh the page, enable the job, then start the job.




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