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Set up a job to save results to a file

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Created by Bill Corgey, last modified by Mariusz Handke on Mar 01, 2017

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This article provides steps to set up a job and save results to a file.


NCM version 7.4 and later


  1. Log into the Orion Web Console and go to Settings > NCM Settings > Advanced Settings.
  2. Select Use custom credential to give NCM write access, enter credentials and then click Submit to save your changes. 

  3. Go to Configs > Jobs.


Example of executing command script job:

a. Once we select the job and Edit, the first screen is to set up the schedule, Set the schedule and click Next.


b. On this screen we will select the nodes to have the job run against. Dynamic Selection was used. The job to run on all Cisco devices currently in NCM and any Node identified as a Cisco in the future that is added to NCM.


c. On this page, save the result to a file and location. Validate the path to verify NCM will have access to the path. If saving to a Network Share, use the correct UNC path like: \\servername\folder\filename.txt.  The Folder needs to pre-exist as NCM will not create the folder.


d. Write out the command you need to run on the device(s).


e. This is a summary of the job, review it and click finish.


4.  Run the job and verify the results are be written to a file. Results will be displayed in the text file:


If needed, this can be set to email the results or simply retrieved from the file to be used as a report.


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07:28, 1 Mar 2017