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Select nodes to include in a Policy or Compliance Report

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Created by Bill Corgey, last modified by Mariusz Handke on Aug 17, 2017

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This article describes how to select nodes to be included in a Policy or Compliance report in NCM. Adding nodes to a Policy report are set in the nested policies that make up the report and each of these policies can include different nodes.


NCM 6.1 and later


  1. From the Web Console, go to the CONFIGS > Compliance > Manage Policy Reports2015-11-12_1810.png
  2. On the Manage Policies tab, leave the Group by field at [No Grouping] to display all available policies.2015-11-12_1813.png
  3. Locate the Policy you want to modify and click Edit.
    Note: The Default Policies in NCM will be set to NCM Policy Reporter selection criteria.  This option is not customizable.2015-11-12_1820.png
  4. Modify or set you own criteria according to the following options: 
    • All Nodes - all nodes assigned to the NCM application
    • Select nodes - where one can manually pick and choose each device to be scrutinized by the policy
    • Dynamic selection - allows one to be specific on specific criteria using options like Vendor, machine type, Location, and many others to include Orion Custom Properties. At present this option does not allow for nested conditions like: Vendor is Cisco and (NodeName is not abc1 or NodeName is not xyz1)
  5. Click Submit.



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03:40, 17 Aug 2017