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Scheduled Jobs in NCM are discontinued

Created by Allain M Umalin, last modified by Melanie Boyd on Jun 06, 2017

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 Provides a resolution to the the issue when scheduled Jobs in NCM are suddenly discontinued.


NCM version 7.4 and earlier


We have options to address this depending on the NCM version.

NCM 7.2.x version or earlier

  1. Open your NCM Window Application > Schedule > Display/Edit Jobs.
  2. Select the affected Job/s.
  3. Click Action > Edit Job.
  4. Under General tab, select Run this Job on the following schedule. Select the schedule below it then click Edit Schedule button.
  5. Change the date for Ending On. 

NCM 7.3.x version or later

  1. Mouse over CONFIGS tab on your web console.
  2. Click Jobs.
  3. Edit the affected Job/s. You should see the dates for Starting On and Ending On. Change the date for Ending On to extend the Job.



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