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SCP on Windows is not working

Updated: November 9, 2017 


This article provides information related to the use of the SCP protocol while utilizing the SSH Server on the Windows platform. 

While utilizing SCP for config backup, NCM will experience an authentication error. While testing download in NCM,  the following error will be shown in Transfer Status grid:


Error Downloading Config to SCP Host: X.X.X.X




While using a standalone SCP client for testing, for example, WinSCP, the following error appears:


Server refused to start a shell/command

Authentication log (see session log for details):

Using username "admin".

Access denied.

Authentication failed.




  • All NCM versions
  • SSH Server (SCP/SFTP server which comes with NCM)


Likely issue related to the implementation of the NCM SCP/SFTP Server and the underlying programmatic components (libraries) used in Windows or could be a result of security settings.


One could possible resolve this issue by configuring NCM to utilize a Unix/Linux-based SCP/SFTP server or experiment with 3rd party Windows-based SCP/SFTP servers that has been installed on the NCM server and additional polling engines if applicable. This is accomplished by going to Settings>NCM settings>SCP Server and checking the box to "Use third party SCP Server".



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