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Orion Services crash when NCM Real Time Change Detection is enabled

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Created by Bill Corgey, last modified by Erica Gill on Feb 21, 2017

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Updated July 4, 2016


This article provides brief information Orion Web console is slow, crashes when NCM RealTime Change Detection is enabled. 



NCM version 7.x 


The issue may be caused by misconfigured Email settings in NCM or large Scripts being pushed to many devices at the same time.

NCM Real Time Change Detection primary design is to send a notification to someone to notify of a change and then to download a config to the NCM DB with the new config.

This requires some significant back end processing to take place.

  • Downloading the config
  • Comparing the config as set in the RTN settings in NCM
  • If a change is not detected, discarding and purging the data from the database
  • If a change is detected, build the email based on criteria in NCM settings with Number of lines before the change and after on both the new config and the existing in the Db,
  • Send the email based on the configured Recipient, sender, reply to, SMTP server


If the SMTP server is not configure correctly and there are a lot of changes pushed at one time, Some services may get deprived of memory due the RTN jobs getting stuck in queue and consumes the memory and eventually crashes.

Resolution:  Ensure email is set up correctly and if EMail is not possible from any of the Orion servers, disable Email Notification in the Real Time Change Detection.


This may also happen if the number of of Lines to display in the NCM settings is set to Entire side by side configs.

Resolution: Use five lines or fewer


A couple of standard things to check as well in NCM:

  • Session tracing:  Make sure it has not been enabled and left on,
  • NCM logging: Make sure it has not been enabled and left on


These are obviously not the only reasons the Orion web may crash, but if NCM RealTime Change detection is enabled, Check the the SMTP settings, number of lines to compare in NCM, session tracing and Logging.


Session tracing and logging is set through the Web Console: Settings>NCM settings>Advanced settings.

SMPT settings are at Settings>NCM settings>Manage Notifictions>SMTP server.

Realtime Change detection settings are at Settings>NCM settings>Real-Time Change Detection>Config real-Time Change Detection.



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