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NCM nodes failing Connections after upgrade to NCM 7.3 or later

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Created by Bill Corgey, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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This article provides information on NCM not being able to connect to nodes after upgrading to NCM 7.3 or later.


  • NCM 7.3 through 7.4.1


Prior to NCM 7.3, the use of Additional Polling Engine was either not supported or was optional and in most installations not being used. This would mean NCM would work from the Primary NCM server for the connection to devices (either Primary Polling Engine or designated NCM server). 

A lot of the time an ACL was in place to permit the vty, tftp, ssh, telnet and so from the NCM server specifically and this could be accomplished with a single ip address

After the introduction of NCM 7.3, not only were the databases merged but also:

  • NCM if needing to be integrated with NPM had to be installed on the NPM server
  • If there were Orion Additional Polling Engines involved, the NCM poller plug-in is required
    • This meant that all NCM actions were now spread out to all the Additional Polling Engines and the connections from NCM to the device is initiated from the Additonal Polling Engine the device is assigned to.

If there was an ACL or even a Wwindows Firewall that was set up to permit the connection from NCM, it is likely the ACL and/or firewalls would need to be modified to allow connections from all engines involved or if NCM was moved to a different server.


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21:26, 22 Jun 2016