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NCM config download basic requirements

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Updated February 13, 2017


Can NCM work with this device?  A common question that is posed. This article will go over basic requirements needed for NCM to work with a device.


All NCM versions


There are a few basic things to look for to determine if NCM can download a config from a device:

If these are met, there is a good chance NCM can, but even if these requirements are met, a custom device template may be required.


Does the device have a CLI?  

From that CLI, can one issue a command to download a configuration?

Does the device follow industry standards in terms of echos, TCP/IP, VTY and others?

To download a config, NCM needs to access the device via a vty session and issue a command for the the device directly.

NCM supported connections:

Telnet and SSH V1 and V2

Transfers can be made via Telnet, SSH, TFTP, SCP

See this link for details on how NCM connects via ssh and its supported encryption.


NCM does not have a mechanism to run a script via Windows CMD, power shell or other scripting tools.


Here is a link to help one understand an NCM Device Template. 


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